Who was Henry Kissinger?

The devil is dead. So who was this devil? 1 min

  1. 1 Henry Kissinger died.

    “The only superpower in the new world order will be the global government,” he said. Kissinger was one of the planners of global food, medicine, health, energy, weapons, finance. He was the prince of Rockefeller. He carried out important duties in Rockefeller's global projects.

  2. 2 Dangerous man

    Kissinger was one of the most influential Jews in the world. Kissinger alone was ten times more dangerous than Israel in Palestine. He was the most influential man in Deep America. He took part in many coups and occupations. He led to the deaths of 5 million people. He is responsible for mass murders.

  3. 3 His Plan

    Kissinger, in 1974, said, “If you control oil, you control nations, if you control food, you control people. Food is a weapon and one of the tools in our bargaining bag. Food is too important to depend on the Ministry of Agriculture."

  4. 4 His Goal

    Henry Kissinger, who worked for the US deep state: "There will be a Doomsday War, the balances in the Middle East will change completely. 7 countries will be invaded and the Great State of Israel will be established. One of these 7 countries will definitely be Turkiye" he said. It's all happened and it's happening.

  5. 5 Nobel Peace Prize...

    One of the most important designers of the old world order and the new world order. Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 as if they were messing with everyone. The planner of wars and important assassinations could never be acquitted with the Nobel Peace Prize! Let's give an example of an assassination plan.

  6. 6 King Faisal

    When Israel started to invade Al-Quds in 1973, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia decided to impose an oil embargo on all Western states, especially the USA, which supports Israel. This situation put the USA and the West in a difficult situation. King Faisal was a different, completely different man.

  7. 7 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and King Faisal.

    The United States, which was in a difficult situation, sent Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to King Faisal. Kissinger tried every way to discourage King Faisal from his embargo decision. But King Faisal didn't even look at his face like in the picture. Kissinger would start the operation.

  8. 8 Masjid al-Aqsa...

    Kissinger tells in his memoirs: "Faisal was pretty angry. I said my plane ran out of fuel, can you fill the tank? The king said angrily, 'I am an old man, my only wish before I die is to pray two rak'ahs in Masjid al-Aqsa! Can you help me with that?".

  9. 9 ''But you can't live without oil!"

    Kissinger threatens, "We will bomb your oil wells." King Faisal gives the unforgettable answer: "You can bomb the oil wells. But remember, we and our ancestors lived with dates and camel milk. Again, we can live like that. But you can't live without oil!"

  10. 10 Death of King Faisal

    King Faisal was assassinated in his palace in 1975. His nephew Faisal bin Musaid, approached him and shot him twice. He shot the king in vital places. King Faisal, who was seriously injured, died. Faisal bin Musaid, who assassinated him, had just arrived from America at that time. Everything is clear.

  11. 11 Don't forget Kissinger's words:

    “America is strong for two reasons. It finds and kills the traitors in its own country. It finds and uses traitors in other countries." Kissinger became a professional practitioner of this policy on behalf of Deep America.

  12. 12 israel's biggest supporter

    He became Israel's biggest supporter when he was the Foreign Minister. He delivered all kinds of weapons aid to Israel. Kissinger is one of the biggest names that caused Israel to get stronger and commit massacres in Palestine. He provided Israel with the support of all “Jewish lobbies.”

  13. 13 The Great Reset

    Kissinger is one of the most important players and founders of the "the great reset" that is being tried to be done in the fields of food, energy, finance, health, gender, religion today.



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