Earthquake In Morocco

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7 magnitude earthquake in Morocco, many dead and injured.

There was a magnitude 7 earthquake in Morocco last night. According to the last statement, 632 people lost their lives. This video shows the horror that ensued. May Allah help our brothers there.

During the earthquake, in which hundreds of people lost their lives, people went out in panic. Buildings collapsed with the earthquake.

The Atlas Mountains shook. Morocco, where earthquakes are rare, was shaken by a 7 magnitude earthquake. Since the 1900s, there has not been an earthquake even of magnitude 6 within 500 kilometers of this earthquake.

The epicenter is the Ighil region of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat were affected. 632 people passed away so far. Buildings in the Old Town of Marrakech, which is on the World Heritage List, collapsed.



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