One Of The Most Dangerous Women Today

Who is Ayelet Shaked? 1 min

  1. 1 Ayelet Shaked

    Ayelet Shaked, an Israeli politician, said:
    “We have to kill Palestinian women in particular. Because they give birth to Palestinian terrorists!"
    Understand why places such as the hospital where Palestinian women and children take shelter are especially attacked. It is a strategic massacre. Think about it.

  2. 2 She believes that...

    Ayelet Shaked served for the Ministry of Interior and Justice. She also works in private offices that make plans for strategic massacres at MOSSAD. She is a rightist woman. She makes disgusting projects to destroy Palestinian women. She believes that killing people for Jewish interests is a good deed.

  3. 3 What they believe?

    We are the ones who recognize what was done in Palestine as a massacre. According to them, all these massacres are sacred, holy worship in order to protect their superior races. Remember that. Let's go back to Ayelet Shaked. She is also a master software engineer. She has brought great benefits to MOSSAD in this regard.

  4. 4 ''Her israel''

    In 2010, she founded a movement called "My Israel". It served the preservation and spread of Zionism. It was also powerful on the internet. They were ensuring that information and sharing against Israel and Zionism were blocked in the internet and virtual world.

  5. 5 Iraqi Jew

    Shaked's father is an Iraqi Jew. That's why Shaked says, “Iraq is an important legacy to me.” Shaked states on every platform that a state should be established under the leadership of the PKK/PYD. She says she gives endless support to them. "We have an interest in the establishment of Kurdistan," she said.

  6. 6 Ayelet Hitler

    "I hope the international community prevents Erdogan from slaughtering the Kurds," she said in Turkiye's cross-border operations. However, they are the real killers. Erdogan also compared her to Hitler. "If the US withdraws from Syria, Turkiye will become stronger," Shaked warned.

    Note: Turkiye's minister of Economy is Kurdish. Erdogan's Party spokesman is Kurdish. Most important one is Hakan Fidan Kurdish. Hakan Fidan was head of intelligence agency, today he is minister of foreign affairs. %85 next president of Turkiye after Erdogan. That is how enemy washing brains. Turks and Kurds are not different people. We all same.

  7. 7 Next Target

    There are those who think that the situation is only Palestine. You are wrong! After Palestine, their next targets are Anatolia, Cyprus, Mediterranean! Think again about those who say that Palestine and Masjid Al-Aqsa are not our business, and that we have no problem with Israel. The PKK/PYD on the border is a Zionist police station.

  8. 8 ''Iron lady''

    Shaked is known as the "Iron Lady" in Israel. Because she argues that Palestinians who resist should be killed quickly. She eliminates what is against Zionist ideals. She is carrying out deep operations in Iraq and northern Syria. She is one of the influential elements of Deep Israel.

  9. 9 Unbelievable...

    "The Israeli army is the most ethical army in the world," Ayelet Shaked defended in a video speech after the Israeli army's massacre of civilians for 15 days. Can you believe that? This woman, who calls the Turkish soldiers murderers, also teaches a moral lesson.

  10. 10 Terrorist Supporter...

    She especially praises the so-called female fighters inside the PKK/PYD. Shaked's biggest job for a few years is to help the PKK/PYD recruit women. For this, she provided a serious source of finance from the Jewish lobby. She said that the PKK will not be successful without recruiting the Kurdish woman.


    Understand better what is happening in front of you by looking at Ayelet Shaked. We have to understand what they are trying to do. Muslim Turkish and Kurdish women should be more combative than this woman.



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