Kurulus Osman Season 5 Cast New Actors

Kurulus Osman with its new season on Wednesday night at KayiFamilyTV.com 1 min


Kurulus Osman, produced by Bozdağ Film, which has a fan base from all over the world, is preparing to fascinate the audience with its new season. What will happen in the new season of Kurulus Osman, where every episode is full of breathtaking action scenes?

  1. 1 ORHAN BEY

    The series 'Kurulus Osman', which broke ATV's rating records and has millions of viewers in different countries of the world, starts with its fifth season on Wednesday, October 4, at 20:00 on ATV and KayiFamilyTV.com

    With its script, production quality, costumes, accessories, glorious film set and realistic scenes, 'Kurulus Osman' will capture the hearts of the audience this season as well.

  2. 2 YAKUP BEY

    Successful actors have joined the cast of the fifth season of the TV series 'Kurulus Osman', which will meet the audience on ATV screens on Wednesday, October 4th with its new story and cast. Emre Bey, Mirza Bahattin Dogan, Gokhan Atalay, Sevil Aki, Emre Dinler, O. Faruk Aran, Leya Kirsan, Ecem Sena Bayir, R. Aybars Level, Belgin Simsek, Tezhan Tezcan, Murat Ince and Selim Makaroglu are the names that will meet the audience in the new season of Kurulus Osman.


    With the death of Sultan Mesut, the Seljuk State, which held the Anatolian Beylics together, collapsed. Now the powerful Beys of Anatolia will face each other for the state to be established. While Osman Bey's biggest helpers on this path are his sons Orhan Bey, Alaeddin Bey and his daughter Fatma, Emre Bey will play the character of Orhan Bey, O. Faruk Aran will play the character of Alaeddin and Leyla Kirsan will play the character of Fatma Hatun.


    Another battle of Orhan Bey, who fought with his father Osman Bey in a struggle to establish a state, will be with Holofira, whom he fell in love with when he was a young man, that is, with his heart... The 5th Season of Kurulus Osman will tell about an epic love, while Ecem Sena Bayir plays the character of Holofira.


    Osman Bey's great rival in the struggle to establish a state that started between the powerful Beys of Anatolia; will be Germiyanoglu Yakup Bey, his son Mehmet Bey and his daughter Gonca Hatun with his power, magnificence and intelligence. Mirza Bahattin Dogan will play the character of Yakup Bey, Sevil Aki will play the character of Yakup Bey's wife Saadet Hatun, Emre Dinler will play the character of Yakup Bey's son Mehmet Bey, and Belgin Simsek will play the character of Yakup Bey's daughter Gonca Hatun.


    Yunus Emre will be Osman Bey's spiritual guide on the path to sultanate, where fierce wars, struggle, intelligence and all kinds of tricks will be used. While Yunus Emre enlightens Osman Bey's path when he is in trouble, Gokhan Atalay will play the character of Yunus Emre.


    'Kurulus Osman', which is produced, project designed and scripted by Bozdag Production, directed by Ahmet Yılmaz and starring Burak Ozcivit as Osman Bey, will continue to leave its mark on Wednesdays on ATV and KayiFamilyTV.com screens in the new season.



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