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  1. 1 Osman Bey intimidates Yakup Bey by implying that he knows his game. While Osman Bey's alps are facing the Bannerless, he will host those gentlemen with a nice meal.

  2. 2 Will those without banners reveal their game with Yakup Bey when they are brought before Osman Bey?

  3. 3 Orhan Bey's kidnapping of Holofira from the market brings Saadet Hatun and Malhun Hatun face to face.

  4. 4 What attitude will Malhun Hatun have towards Saadet Hatun?

  5. 5 After Orhan takes Holofira away, Mehmet and Orhan come face to face. What move will Holofira, caught in the middle, make after this conflict?

  6. 6 Alaeddin Bey expressed his love for Gonca Hatun. What will Gonca do in the face of this confession?

  7. 7 Alaeddin Bey discusses the Gonca issue with Bala Hatun.

  8. 8 How will Bala Hatun's advice to Alaeddin affect Gonca and Alaeddin's love?

  9. 9 Returning from Yeni┼čehir, Yakup Bey decides to exchange Vasilis with the Crusaders for gold.

  10. 10 What influence does Master Gera have on Yakup Bey's decision? What does Yakup Bey actually aim with this exchange?

  11. 11 Malhun Hatun puts her condition against Orhan's insistence. If Holofira becomes a Muslim, she will allow them to marry. But Holofira says that she will not become a Muslim.

  12. 12 Will Orhan Bey be able to convince Holofira? Holofira and Aysima face each other in Front Market. What will Malhun Hatun do after witnessing this?

  13. 13 Karacelasun and Mehmet Bey clash in the Vasilis exchange. Orhan and Alaeddin also participate in this conflict, but Karacelasun prevails.

  14. 14 Osman Bey, who received the news of this, holds Yakup Bey responsible for everything.

  15. 15 What will Osman Bey do now? Will he be able to save his children from Karacelasun's hands?



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