Harms of Coke

What happens in your body after drinking Coke? 1 min


Recent studies have found an association with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Research shows that having as little as one soda per day measurably increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

  1. 1 Kidneys

    The phosphoric acid in the cola produces kidney stones and causes kidney failure when consumed too often.

  2. 2 Stomach

    The amount of acid in the cola prevents the stomach from providing its own enzymes. This situation can progress to gastritis, ulcers and stomach punctures.

  3. 3 Heart

    Corn syrup, which is abundant in cola, not only causes diabetes, but also increases the risk of heart attack.

  4. 4 Teeth

    The acid in the cola rots the teeth and causes bad breath.

  5. 5 Bones

    The amount of phosphate in Coke is so high that it would be a miracle that someone who drinks cola regularly does not suffer from osteoporosis in later ages.



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