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Salahuddin Ayyubi’s new Episode will be broadcast on today.

  1. 1 Turanşah's wrong decision changed the course of the war and brought Şehinşah to the brink of death.

  2. 2 While the events in Asqalan caused chaos in the Zengi State, the security of the Pilgrimage Route was also endangered.

  3. 3 While this incident causes Salahuddin to be tried in the court, it also progresses towards revealing the big secret.

  4. 4 The people of Ashkelon will blame Salahuddin for the loss they suffered and call the Zengis to account.

  5. 5 Salahuddin will struggle under the pressure of the members of the council on the one hand and the people of Ashkelon on the other.

  6. 6 He now has to act more strategically as he continues his fight against the Crusaders.

  7. 7 But Salahuddin was in big trouble with the state court before the Crusaders.

  8. 8 Because he went to Askalan despite the negative decision of the court.

  9. 9 He will now be tried for violating the court decision.

  10. 10 Will Salahuddin be able to prove his innocence?

  11. 11 Will the mysterious secret be revealed?

  12. 12 And will Süreyya be able to trust Salahuddin again after all these events?

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