Osman Bey Is Establishing a New State

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Osman Bey Is Establishing a New State! The fate of the Turks is becoming clear!


Turks are fighting to survive in Anatolia.
Osman Bey is changing the balance!

A new era in Kurulus Osman…

Meeting the audience on ATV and KayiFamilyTV.com screens and at the top of the ratings with its fifth season, ‘Kurulus Osman‘ opens a brand new page to its audience with its 143rd episode, which will be screened on Wednesday, January 10 at 20:00 (22:30 -GMT+3- On KayiFamilyTV.com). The new era of the sovereign Beylic, led by Osman Bey, will give the audience unforgettable moments.


New Faces in the Cast


‘Kurulus Osman’, which will come to the fore with its expanding crew and growing story, is preparing to take your breath away. The growing story of the series, which was liked and loved by everyone with the 143rd episode trailer and aroused great curiosity with its new characters, will be talked about a lot.

The new characters who joined the series bring a new sense to ‘Kurulus Osman’. Uzbek actor Javokhir Zakirov, who will play the character of the Mongolian warrior ‘Gorklu Khan’, and Cagil Aydiner, who is the adopted by the Byzantine Emperor, and is Princess Maria will give the audience unforgettable moments.


Kurulus Osman Season 5 with English Subtitles


Footsteps of establishing a state


Osman Bey said that he would establish a state with his Beys on his side, “Either we will disappear for our independence, or we will establish a great state that will last forever!” he declares.


New enemies, new struggles: Byzantine and Mongols alliance


Byzantine and Mongols, who see the existence of the Turks in Anatolia as a threat, make a political marriage alliance and pose a new threat to Osman Bey. Osman Bey, who learned that Princess Maria and Gorklu Khan are about to be married and a new alliance is about to be formed, will try to prevent this marriage. What path will Osman Bey and his Beylic follow in this difficult test?


Kurulus Osman Season 5


Osman Bey Is Establishing a New State!


As they are getting ready to open a new page in the story of a great era, unforgettable struggles await audiences. With the 143rd episode of ‘Kurulus Osman’, the epic, where the foundations of the Ottoman State were laid, continues to be rewritten.

The series, produced and designed by Bozdag Film; directed by Ahmet Yilmaz and starring Burak Ozcivit with the character of Osman Bey, will continue its success Wednesday evenings on the ATV and KayiFamilyTV.com.



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