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Kurulus Osman with its new episode on Wednesday night at KayiFamilyTV.com

Are you a fan of the popular Turkish historical TV series, Kurulus Osman? If so, you’re in luck because in this blog post, we have compiled a collection of Kurulus Osman pictures that will surely captivate your attention. From epic battle scenes to emotional moments between characters, these images will transport you back to the 13th century as you relive the journey of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman State.

One of the highlights of Kurulus Osman is its stunning cinematography and attention to detail in recreating the historical setting. The Kurulus Osman photo gallery showcases the beautiful landscapes, elaborate costumes, and intricate set designs that contribute to the authenticity of the series. Each picture tells a story and allows us to immerse ourselves in the rich history of the time period.

  1. 1 Will Osman Bey take Lefke Castle from Yakup Bey?

    Yakup Bey acted before Osman Bey and conquered Lefke Castle. He says that he gave the castle to Osman Bey. Osman Bey, on the other hand, is aware that Yakup Bey is in a sneaky game. What is Yakup Bey's intention in giving the castle to Osman Bey? Will Osman Bey accept the castle?

  2. 2 The new enemy

    A new enemy comes to the Borders. This is Vasilis's master, Master Gera. Master Gera and Osman Bey meet. But Master Gera hides his identity. He appears before Osman Bey as a merchant. Osman Bey invites him to Yenişehir. Did Osman Bey suspect Gera?

  3. 3 Master Gera's Identity

    But Master Gera hides his identity. He appears before Osman Bey as a merchant. Osman Bey invites him to Yenişehir. Did Osman Bey suspect Gera?

  4. 4 Did Osman Bey suspect Gera?

    Osman Bey invites him to Yenişehir. Did Osman Bey suspect Gera?

  5. 5 What will happen to Mehmet Bey?

  6. 6 Orhan Bey shoots Mehmet Bey!

  7. 7 Malhun Hatun's game!

    Malhun Hatun is aware that Saadet Hatun has a crush on her. He will play a big trick on him. What will Malhun Hatun's game be?

  8. 8 Orhan Bey's Game

    To get the treasure, Orhan Bey set up a completely different game and disguised himself as a Mongol. Orhan Bey takes the treasure, but he shoots Mehmet Bey. What will be the fate of Mehmet Bey?

  9. 9 What will Osman Bey's answer be?

  10. 10 What will Yakup Bey's answer be?

  11. 11 Osman Bey and Yakup Bey face to face again!

  12. 12 What will Yakup Bey want from Osman Bey?

  13. 13 What will Osman Bey answer?

  14. 14 What is the goal of Master Gera?

  15. 15 What will be the fate of Boran Bey?

  16. 16 Will Boran Alp die?

  17. 17 Has Malhun Hatun fully recovered?

  18. 18 We missed you Cerkutay...

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